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Troll Hunter (2010) Movie Review

Info Original Title: Trolljegeren Country: Norway Director: André Øvredal Release: 2010 Genre: Fantasy Language: NorwegianIMDb | Rotten Tomatoes A trio of students from Volda University College is filming their investigation about what an alleged irregular bear hunter, but the mysterious man is actually hunting…

We Are Not Alone (2016) – Movie Review

Info Original Title: No estamos solos Country: Peru Director: Daniel Rodríguez Risco Release: 2016 Genre: Horror IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes A photographer moves with her boyfriend to a big and old house, where she will have to strengthen with the young stepdaughter. Unfortunately for…

Crimen con vista al mar (2013) – Movie Review

Maite Salgado (Silma López), Sonia Torres (Úrsula Corberó) and Román (Luis Fernando Hoyos)

Info Original Title: Crimen con vista al mar Country: Colombia, Spain Director: Gerardo Herrero Release: 2013 Genre: Thriller IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes After the disappearance of a young Spanish tourist in a Colombian hotel, the girl’s family hire an eccentric investigator from Madrid to…

The Third Man (1949) – Movie Review

Info Original Title: The Third Man Country: United Kingdom Director: Carol Reed Release: 1949 Genre: Film Noir IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes An American author goes to Vienna to work with his childhood friend, but arrives in the moment of this friend’s burial, after his…

Boyz n the Hood (1991) – Movie Review

Info Original Title: Boyz n the Hood Country: United States Director: John Singleton Release: 1991 Genre: Crime IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes The life of Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.), Rick (Morris Chestnut) and his brother Doughboy (Ice Cube), three young men growing up in the…

Night of the Lepus (1972) – Movie Review

Info Original Title: Night of the Lepus Country: United States Director: William F. Claxton Release: 1972 Genre: Sci-Fi IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes After the killing of the coyotes and the escape of a group of domestic rabbits, a rabbit plague outbreak in a farm…

The Wood (1999) – Movie Review

Info Original Title: The Wood Country: United States Director: Rick Famuyiwa Release: 1999 Genre: Comedy IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes The Wood Mike (Omar Epps) remember the good times growing up in Inglewood with his two best friends, Roland (Taye Diggs) and Slim (Richard T….

Three Outlaw Samurai (1964) – Movie Review | Rian Johnson and The Last Jedi

Info Original Title: Sanbiki no samurai Country: Japan Director: Hideo Gosha Release: 1964 Genre: Action IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes Intro A wanderer Samurai encounters a group of poor men who kidnaped the daughter of a magistrate. The Samurai then decide to help the men…

Black Death (2010) – Movie Review | About Necromancy

Info Original Title: Black Death Country: Germany, UK Director: Christopher Smith Release: 2010 Genre: Action, Adventure IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes Black Death

Black Sabbath – Movie Review

Info Original Title: I tre volti della paura Country: Italy Director: Mario Bava Release: 1963 Genre: Horror IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes Black Sabbath

XX – Movie Review

Info Original Title: XX Country: Canada, United States Director: Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Karyn Kusama Release: 2017 Genre: Horror IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes XX [Blu-ray]

The Vatican Tapes – Movie Review | Exorcism and The Antichrist

Info Original Title: The Vatican Tapes Country: United States Director: Mark Neveldine Release: 2015 Genre: Horror, Thriller IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes The Vatican Tapes [Blu-ray + Digital HD]