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Little Reviews, 1

New Series Let’s start something different. Usually, we have one post dedicated exclusively for one title, but this post will consist of five, relatively shorter, reviews. Let’s dedicate today’s edition to five non-fiction titles: four of them documentaries and one a “variety show” (or…

Troll Hunter (2010) Movie Review

Info Original Title: Trolljegeren Country: Norway Director: André Øvredal Release: 2010 Genre: Fantasy Language: NorwegianIMDb | Rotten Tomatoes A trio of students from Volda University College is filming their investigation about what an alleged irregular bear hunter, but the mysterious man is actually hunting…

Borderliner Season 1 (2017) – Series Review

Info Original Title: GrenselandCountry: NorwayCreator: Megan GallagherRelease: 2017Genre: ThrillerLanguage: Norwegian IMDb Nikolai is a Detective taking a break of work near the border with Sweden, but find himself in the middle of another case, involving drugs, murder, and corruption.