Original Title: Typewriter
Country: India
Creator: Sujoy Ghosh
Release: 2019
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: Hindi

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A group of kids investigates the Ghost in the family home of a woman who returns to the city for the first time since childhood.


The series starts in the 1980’s with the author Madhav Mathews (Kanwaljit Singh) beginning his new ghost story “The Ghost of Sultanpore” when his granddaughter Jenny (Tvisha Jain) says someone is crying under her bed.

The grandfather shows the little girl that there is nobody in the room, but she insists that she is hearing someone crying under her bed. When the Madhav looks under the bed, he sees Jenny crying, and the Jenny who was on the bed kills him.

Around thirty years after the author’s death, the grown-up Jenny (Palomi Ghosh) moves back to the mansion in the city of Goa with her husband Peter (Sameer Kochhar), teenage daughter Anya (Sara Gesawat) and younger son Nick (Aaryansh Malviya).

Jenny (Palomi Ghosh) entering the mansion for the first time after her grandfather’s death

Goa is home to a young girl fascinated with ghosts, Sam (Aarnaa Sharma) and her father, Ravi Anand (Purab Kohli), the local police chief.

Sam and her friends Bunty (Palash Kamble) and Gablu (Mikhail Gandhi) formed a ghost club, and are convinced that Jenny’s family home is haunted by the ghost of Sultanpore, like in the novel. And that’s the main premise of the series.

What took my attention since the very beginning was the cinematography, with a beautiful shot of the mansion. The colors throughout the series are also great and fit well with the plot.

Sam (Aarnaa Sharma)

Every shot I can remember is beautifully clear, and I love clear shots, I love to watch and see what is happening on the screen. Works of horror, in particular, have a huge problem around clarity, but that’s not the case with Typewriter.

While we are on the topic of horror, this series is not a typical scary horror, but more an Adventure or Thriller with some horror aspects. There are some horror, some jump-scares as well, but not a lot.

The adventure aspect resembles a lot a family movie, with the kids investigating the ghost and executing their plans to leave school early. It’s very fun, but I felt it was a little out of place.

Buddy, Sam (Aarnaa Sharma), Bunty (Palash Kamble), Gablu (Mikhail Gandhi) and Nick (Aaryansh Malviya)

Sometimes we have murder, stabbings and bleeding eyes, while other times we have children running around with a smart dog. What I mean is that sometimes is too mature and others childish.

I like silly childish things, like that quote from the Fourth Doctor “There’s no point in being grown-up if you can’t act a little childish sometimes”, but if you are making a series or a movie, you have to decide what audience you are trying to reach.

The kids are mostly good enough for child actors, but Aarnaa Sharma as Sam is the one who shines the most, I don’t know how old is she, probably around eleven, but she was great for a child.

Sam (Aarnaa Sharma) and her father, Ravi (Purab Kohli)

Most of Sam’s interactions with other characters are great, especially with her father, Ravi.

Ravi is also a character I like, he is a good father, trying to do the best to her daughter after her mother’s death, he is a good police officer as well, and the banter he has with Selwyn (K.C. Shankar) is usually quite funny.

The other star of this series is Palomi Ghosh as Jenny. At first, I thought she was the wife of the creator/writer/director Sujoy Ghosh, but he is married to Vaishali Ghosh, now I think it’s just the same surname, no family relation.

Jenny is a beautiful, smart and proactive woman who is trying to reconnect with her childhood. The whole series orbits around her, everything important is connected to her in some way, but as I said, she is proactive, not just reactive to what is going on.

Jenny (Palomi Ghosh)

I feel like Jenny and Sam are the main characters of the series, while Ravi is the most important supporting character.

Then there are the not-so-good characters, Peter – Jenny’s husband – and Amit Roy (Jishu Sengupta) – the evil math teacher. The actors do a good job, the problem is the characters, both very uninteresting.

Sometimes it feels like Peter didn’t have to exist, but since he exists, they gave him some things to do while the others have some impact on the story. The last episode signals that something interesting might be coming for him in the next season, we’ll see.

Amit Roy is the antagonist, but he is not even the most interesting one at that. He is working at the local school as a math teacher, while murdering and threatening people in his free time, until the end, of course.

Amit Roy (Jishu Sengupta)

There is a revelation around Amit Roy that I didn’t like at all, it felt like an old Mexican Telenovela. I will not talk about it further for spoiler reasons, maybe in the second season.

Since we talked about the good characters, not-good characters and the subpar villain is the time we talk about the nice villain: the Fakeer (Abhishek Banerjee).

The Fakeer is the one who would later become the so-called ghost of Sultanpore. The back story beginning in the third episode is very nice, and I think it added a very good dimension to the series.

The Fakeer (Abhishek Banerjee)

Raised by a kind mother who had paranormal abilities, he was later led to believe that doing good was not worth it, so when he earns the abilities from his mother, he decided to become powerful and evil. I liked a lot of Abhishek Banerjee in the role, I think he did everything perfectly what enriched the character.

For now, this first season was interesting, fun and refreshing. It’s not scary at all but had some nice thriller and adventure with some evil supernatural touches and even some gruesome details.

In the last episode, there were clear indications to a second season, that I will most likely watch when it gets released. As for this first season, I will give it 7 Moons.

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