About the “Tumblr Purge”

This Monday, December 03, Tumblr announced that will be banning all adult content from the platform, that includes porn, artistic nudity and eve “female-presenting” nipples (SIC).

This move will hurt the Tumblr users and its diverse community, as you can read more in-depth in The Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, and many other sources. My guess is that Tumblr will soon follow the steps of MySpace and close its doors.

Tumblr banned adul NSFW content

The early rumor was that, after the removal of Tumblr’s App from Apple’s App Store, over child pornography, the Staff decided to Nuke every NSFW content instead of just going after the pedophiles, or “Minor-Attracted Person” as they call themselves. 

PS: I know I’m technically generalizing when I say “pedophiles”, but I that’s not the focus, you can read about “pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles” here.

Another issue with Tumblr was the “Porn Bots”, tons of Bot accounts with a bunch of links and Ads. However, that was also not the real reason why Tumblr’s Staff decided to nuke all the adult content.

I suspect one of the reasons for the controversial move was to allow more “family friendly” companies to put their ads on the platform, since earning money was a problem they always had.

What do Ulven Reviews have to do with it:

It was one of the Social Platforms with a Ulven Reviews account. Every post on the website was automatically posted on Tumblr, something that is changing from now on.

maybe it's human breast female-presenting nipples
The Image is merely illustrative

The decision was taken of deleting the Ulven Reviews Tumblr account. I don’t think it will be a huge difference to them, we are just jumping ship before the inevitable sink.

Our Positioning

Many movies and series have adult themes and scenes and most of the times are not for shock value or for erotic purposes, but just because we get naked in life.

One example of this is Before Midnight (2013) when Jessie (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) are having a discussion and Julie Delpy is topless in the scene.

The scene feels natural, and her nipples are not offending anyone. Why people seem so offended by women’s nipples?

Julie Delpy topless nude naked as Celine in Before Midnight (2013)
Celine (Julie Delpy) in Before Midnight (2013)

I have other examples from movies reviewed in the blog. Like when Princess Dior (Tabata Ndiaye) in Ceddo (1977), because of the warm weather. Or the many beautiful shots in The Art of Loving (2017) where Magdalena Boczarska happens to be nude.

Nudity should not be banned, especially in a platform that used to be so inclusive and open-minded, and the decision by the staff will be the nail in their coffin but will affect millions of users as well.

If you are one of those people that think Tumblr is just for “SJW” and hardcore misandrist, you don’t know shit about the actual platform, I suggest you learn more about it before acting like a specialist.


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