Original Title: No estamos solos

Country: Peru

Director: Daniel Rodríguez Risco

Release: 2016

Genre: Horror

IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes

A photographer moves with her boyfriend to a big and old house, where she will have to strengthen with the young stepdaughter. Unfortunately for them, that’s not the worst they will have to struggle within the house.



That’s the second Peruvian movie I’m reviewing here and is the 50th movie reviewed in general. I’m very happy with this little achievement and hope many more reviews to come.

Daniel Rodríguez Risco is the director and Gonzalo Rodríguez Risco is the screenwriter. With extensive (not really) search, I could determine they are brothers. Both from Lima, they have worked together and independently.

It’s the first time I heard of them and my first impression is quite awful, sadly. However, that won’t stop me from watching other works from the duo, because you never know… the next one could be good.

Sofía (Zoe Arévalo) and Mónica (Fiorella Díaz) in the Background

For example, Paul W.S. Anderson work is always absolute garbage, but Pompeii is almost enjoyable as long as you don’t take it seriously.

Another reason to keep my mind open is that I like to support movies from countries outside the main centers, especially if it’s not a wanna-be-artsy movie, like horror.

Now it’s time to talk about what really matters.

Another day, Another Possession

Mónica (Fiorella Díaz), Mateo (Marco Zunino) and his daughter Sofía (Zoe Arévalo) move to an old house, with a lot of space and surrounded by nature.

Sofía still has problems accepting her stepmother, while Mónica tries to earn the girl’s trust. Mateo is barely at home, because of work, leaving the two with time to strengthen their relationship.

It doesn’t take much time until the house began to show its teeth, manifesting strange occurrences during the night. Fast forward, some occurrences later, they have to call a priest to look at the house.

Father Rafael (Lucho Cáceres)
Father Rafael (Lucho Cáceres)

Father Rafael (Lucho Cáceres) is the one, and he has a history with the house. Later someone gets possessed and he is responsible to perform an exorcism.

Like its clear from the plot, the movie is absolutely cliché. Imagine every horror movie trope ever, and you will find it in “We Are Not Alone”, even if it doesn’t make sense in the end.

I wanted to like and it breaks my heart to criticize it, after all, it’s a horror film from Peru… who knows how difficult it is to make a “genre film” in Peru, and these guys made it, but it’s a terrible one.

Mónica (Fiorella Díaz) and Mateo (Marco Zunino)
Mónica (Fiorella Díaz) and Mateo (Marco Zunino)

The plot is the same everyone knows, without anything new, no originality at all. I don’t think a movie necessarily have to be original, but a completely generic plot is insulting to the audience.

Every generic element is also present: child spirit; female evil spirit; family finding disturbing items from the dead; mysterious claw marks; father never believe in anything; family member sacrifice self for the well-being of others. The list could go on forever.

The acting is good enough, and the cinematography, for me, is the star of the movie. Sadly, that’s it, I can’t of anything else to mention as a good thing with this movie.


My final feeling is the disappointment, because I wanted so much to find a good South American horror movie, but in the end, it was the most generic movie I have ever watched this year.

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