Original Title: Crimen con vista al mar

Country: Colombia, Spain

Director: Gerardo Herrero

Release: 2013

Genre: Thriller

IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes

After the disappearance of a young Spanish tourist in a Colombian hotel, the girl’s family hire an eccentric investigator from Madrid to find her.

Maite Salgado (Silma López), Sonia Torres (Úrsula Corberó) and Román (Luis Fernando Hoyos)

Crime with a Sea view

Maite Salgado (Silma López) and Sonia Torres (Úrsula Corberó) are young Spanish tourist enjoying Cartagena, in a Hotel owned by Enrique (Jorge Enrique Abello).

Román (Luis Fernando Hoyos) was recently released from prison, so he seeks Enrique, his old friend to get some money to go on with his life. While staying in the Hotel, he meets Maite and Sonia.

While the two girls and Román are having fun and drinking around the pool, a room attendant, Juan (Juan Pablo Barragán), enters Román’s room and stole all his money.

Juan (Juan Pablo Barragán)
Juan (Juan Pablo Barragán)

Many drinks later, the trio decides to have a threesome in Román’s room, unaware of what happened in their absence.

In the following morning, the girls are getting ready to go back to Spain, while Román can’t find his money and suspecting of Maite, he accidentally kills the girl and disposes of her body with the help of Enrique.

That’s when the Inspector José Cabral (Carmelo Gómez) enters the story. Three days after the fact, the very peculiar and eccentric detective from Madrid is hired by Maite’s family to find the missing girl.

Sonia (Úrsula Corberó) & Román (Luis Fernando Hoyos)
Sonia (Úrsula Corberó) & Román (Luis Fernando Hoyos)

I could not find any worldwide title of the movie in English, but the translation is “Crime with a Sea View”. However, I will use the Spanish name throughout the review.

It’s a movie with big names, like Úrsula Corberó and Carmelo Gómez, both Spanish, and the Colombian Jorge Enrique Abello.

Jorge Enrique Abello is a very successful actor as the protagonist in Colombian Telenovelas, including “Yo soy Betty, la fea” (1999-2001), adapted in many countries, including in the US with the title “Ugly Betty” (2006-2010).

Enrique (Jorge Enrique Abello)
Enrique (Jorge Enrique Abello)

The telenovelas are different from a soap opera. Telenovelas have a previously determined running length, usually running for some months, while a soap opera can renew itself perpetually.

“Crimen con vista al mar” was Abello’s debut in the big screen, creating a lot of expectation from the Colombian people. Unfortunately, it seems like this expectation was frustrated. (Source)

Well, I’m not Colombian and neither a telenovela fan, it was the first time I heard of Jorge Enrique Abello and I don’t dislike it. I can’t say he gave an Oscar-worthy performance, but I think it was good enough.

Inspector José Cabral (Carmelo Gómez) & Enrique (Jorge Enrique Abello)
Inspector José Cabral (Carmelo Gómez) & Enrique (Jorge Enrique Abello)

I can say the same about everyone else, except Carmelo Gómez, who is a little above the others in the role of the comic detective. The movie itself is not great, is pretty average and forgettable, reflecting in the acting.

The movie is sold as a thriller, but it’s actually more of a comedy and I think some people might be disappointed with the movie because of that. The trailer made it look like a thriller, it’s listed as such everywhere, but it’s actually much more of a comedy.

As a comedy, “Crimen con vista al mar” made me laugh, so it achieved the main goal of a comedy. My only expectative was to watch a movie in Spanish, so the fact that it’s a comedy didn’t disappoint me.


It’s an average movie like I said before, but if we don’t take it too seriously and understand it just as a fun time, it can be enjoyable. If you just want to relax and don’t think too much, I really recommend “Crimen con vista al mar”.

All images used are from Proimágenes Colombia website.

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