Country: Poland
Original Title: Sztuka kochania. Historia Michaliny Wislockiej
Director: Maria Sadowska
Release: 2017
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
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World Cup Historic

The year of 1919 marked the creation of the Polish Football Association, or Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej in their native language, and the first international match was against Hungary, a 1-0 loss in 1921.

NIKE Mens Poland M NK BRT STAD JSY SS AW 893892-611_M – Sport RED/Gym RED/White

Poland’s first World Cup participation happened in 1938. With only 15 teams, after Austria’s withdraw, this edition of the tournament began in the Round of 16, with Poland eliminated in the first round.

Even with the first round elimination, Poland made a historic match against Brazil, a 5-6 with a Hat Trick from Ernst Wilimowski (four goals) for Poland and another from Leônidas (three goals) for Brazil.

The teams from 1938

After six consecutive absences, Poland made an appearance again in four consecutive tournaments, in 1974, 1978, 1982 and 1986. In this period, they reached their best record, third place in 1974 and 1982.

In 2002 and 2006, Poland was present but didn’t past group stage. The Russia World Cup is their eighth appearance in the tournament and there is a good chance to reach the knockout phase.

The star of the squad is Robert Lewandowski, a prolific scorer, at 29 he’s already the top goalscorer in the country’s history, with 55 goals in 95 caps.


Directed by Maria Sadowska, “The Art of Loving” tells the story of the author Michalina Wisłocka in the publishing her book of the same title.

Michalina Wisłocka was born in Łódź, Poland on 1 July 1921. She was a gynecologist and sexologist who wrote the book “The Art of Loving” in communist Poland.

Grób seksuolog Michaliny Wisłockiej na Cmentarzu ewangelicko-augsburskim w Warszawie
Michalina Wisłocka | Photo by Mateusz Opasiński

The book was very controversial for the prude authorities, but proved very important and wanted by the people, becoming a bestseller and a reference in sexuality for the Polish people at that time.

Michalina, who had a cute dog, just like myself, passed away in 2005 from complications of a heart attack.

The film is very competent and interesting in showing the struggles to publish the book and the “adventures” in Michalina’s early life, leading to the writing of the book.

Sztuka kochania

Magdalena Boczarska gives life to Michalina Wislocka, from young adult to the middle age, when the book was finally published. She gives a great, convincing performance, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking.

Sztuka Kochania / The Art of Loving. Story of Michalina Wislocka [DVD] (English subtitles)

Just as the last review, this story is told going back and forth, with Michalina’s early life interlaced with when the book was finished and about to be published.

The nazi invaded Poland while Michalina was married to Stach Wislocki (Piotr Adamczyk) and when they were captured by the German, somehow her best friend Wanda (Justyna Wasilewska) was able to save them.

Stach (Piotr Adamczyk), Michalina (Magdalena Boczarska) and Wanda (Justyna Wasilewska)

The three began living together and soon, it became a three-way marriage hidden from the public. Both had kids at around the same time, but for secrecy purposes, Michalina was the “official” mother of the two children.

The deal lasts some years, but Wanda decided to leave with her son, leading to Stach leaving as well.

Years later, Michalina met Jurek (Eryk Lubos) and the two start a romance. This romance is presented as an important part of Michalina’s life and for the writing of the book.

Jurek (Eryk Lubos) and Michalina (Magdalena Boczarska)
Jurek (Eryk Lubos) and Michalina (Magdalena Boczarska)

Michalina is a hardworking and competent woman, sometimes implied as even neglecting the family. She appears to be a great researcher and an outstanding clinical, but her work is not always recognized, because she’s a woman.

As a movie passing through many decades, the evolution of the costumes and settings is very important and in this case is very competent and good. The costumes, for Michalina’s character, is not only a period costume but also represent the development of her character.

The film has light and fun moments, as it has some sad moments. I not sure I liked much of the comedy aspect of it, it’s kind of silly and sometimes work and others it doesn’t. When the movie gets more serious it also gets better.

Michalina (Magdalena Boczarska)
Michalina (Magdalena Boczarska)

Some people might not like it, but it contains a lot of sex and nudity, including breast, butt, and full frontal (some pubic hair). For a movie about not shaming sex, so hiding it would be contradictory, and some of the nudity is artistic and beautiful.

In general, It’s a very competently made film and very enjoyable at the same time. The two things don’t always walk together and a very competent movie can be a little boring like You Carry Me.

The Art of Love is a good movie, but it will be at the bottom of Group H, because of the merits of the others in the group. 7 Moons.

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