Country: Switzerland
Original Title: Sennentuntschi
Director: Michael Steiner
Release: 2010


World Cup Historic

The Swiss have a very old history of organized football, with its Association being founded in 1895, and affiliated to FIFA in 1904.

The 123 years-old national team qualified for eleven FIFA World Cups, hosting the 1954 edition, the occasion when they reached the Quarter-finals, like in 1934 and 1938.

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Since 1954, the team reached Round of 16 in three opportunities and left after the group stage in two. They also had a 28-year gap between participation, from the 1966 World Cup to the 1994 World Cup.

Photo by Fanny Schertzer

Switzerland was the favorites against Northern Ireland to classify in the Round 2 of the UEFA Qualifiers, but they only earned their qualification with one of the most absurd penalties I have ever seen in my entire life.

The referee awarded a penalty for Corry Evans supposedly touching the ball with his hand when the ball actually hit him in the shoulder. Milan’s Left-Back Ricardo Rodríguez converted the penalty, the only goal in the 2-legged play-off.

The prominent names among the Swiss squad are Juventus’ Stephan Lichtsteiner, Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri recently relegated with Stoke City.

As a side note, is interesting to see Stoke City with many players confirmed in the World Cup, but was relegated to the Championship. Besides Shaqiri, there is England’s goalkeeper Jack Butland, Egypt’s Ramadan Sobhi and Senegal’s Mame Biram Diouf and Badou Ndiaye.

Lichtsteiner is an important player and most likely to be the captain of the team, but the talent lies with Xhaka and Shaqiri. Both midfielders, but Xhaka playing a little back in comparison with Shaqiri’s offensive nature.

Considering the group opponents it is feasible for Switzerland to reach the knockout stage, but it’s unlikely to go any further than that. Maybe we can at least get some of the great goals Shaqiri usually score. That would be nice.


Sennentuntschi was directed by one of the most recognized Swiss directors, Michael Steiner, or at least that’s what I heard.

I watched the documentary I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck, but it’s a Swiss/French/Belgian/American production, so Sennentuntschi is the first purely Swiss film I watched.

The story of the film was inspired by an Alpine fable. According to the fable, a group of farmers made a life-size doll out of rags. The doll was used as a companionship, to talk with, eat with and even to be fucked, apparently.

The Alps

Until one day, the doll began to talk. She said that the farmers could continue with what they were doing, taking cattle down the valley, with the exception of one she chose.

When the farmer returned to the valley, the man skin was stretched out across a roof while the doll was laughing (Source).

The movie doesn’t follow the same narrative as the fable but has used some elements of it.

Making the Sennentuntschi

In the movie’s version of the tale, some lonely farmers used a broom, straw and some rags to make a doll, Satan took pity on them and gave the doll life. This living doll, called Sennentuntschi, would clean, cook, make coffee and, of course, fuck, but after the fucking part, she took revenge on the farmers and killed them all.

As I said previously, I think the Swiss National Team will have to fight for a way into the knockout phase, but Sennentuntschi is easily the number one spot movie in this group.


A mother and a little daughter are picking mushrooms until the girl finds a very decomposed body. While talking to the police about the corpse, the mother tells the events of her past in that same region. The movie we watch is that story told by the mother.

Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps ( Sennentuntschi ) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import – Germany ]

The opening credits come between that mother and her story, with the close-up of grotesque imagery, demonstrating the tone of what we are about to witness.

In 1975, a mysterious young woman appears in a village shortly after the suicide of a priest, so the people of the village accused the woman of being a Sennentuntschi.

Reusch (Nicholas Ofczarek) protecting Sennentuntschi

The French actress Roxane Mesquida is in the role of Sennentuntschi and Nicholas Ofczarek is the policeman who helps her and investigates the mystery surrounding the girl.

At the same time, we see the story of three men living in the top of the mountain that surrounds the village. These three men were the one who supposedly summoned Sennentuntschi.

The Three living in the mountains: Erwin (Andrea Zogg), Martin (Carlos Leal) and Albert (Joel Basman)

The story of those three is told through flashback until it merges with the timeline of Reusch, that narrative works really well here because the revelations of Reusch’s investigations affect the way we experience the events in the top of the mountain.

I will skip the praising of the actors because I liked everyone as usual. I also will not say that Roxane Mesquida is one of the most attractive individuals I ever have seen, because her absurd beauty is not relevant for the rest of the review.

Roxane Mesquida as Sennentuntschi

I am a big fan of investigations, mystery and things along these lines and Sennentuntschi offer it exceptionally well and with a satisfactory conclusion without resourcing in too much exposition.

Sennentuntschi is a movie made in the 2010’s but with a style like it’s really from the 70’s, not just because it’s the period the movie is set, but also because it doesn’t rely on the excess of information, it let the viewer fill the gaps with their own understanding.

I know some people might dislike the movie for a number of reasons, and the thing I just listed as a quality could be listed as a flaw to someone who likes information spoon-fed.

Reusch investigating

Another thing that some people might dislike is the harsh content. There are rape scenes, even double-penetration rape scenes, bodies in various stage of decomposition, slaughtered animals and so on.

Is understandable that some people might find the content too harsh, but when analyzing the context, I see that it is not gratuitous, it’s actually appropriate to the nature of the story told.

There were some minor issues, the only things preventing me from giving it 10 Moons, I can point that the people from the village annoy me and that sometimes the film seems rushed, but that’s it. 9 Moons.

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