Country: Croatia
Original Title: Ti mene nosiš
Director: Ivona Juka
Release: 2015


World Cup Historic

The present Croatian national team only formed in the 90’s and recognized by FIFA and UEFA in 1993, before that, they were part of Yugoslavia.

2018 Men’s Croatia 10 Short Sleeves Home Soccer Jersey (White/Red)(M)

Since their establishment, they were only out of the World Cup in 1994 and 2010. They were out in the group stage in 2002, 2006 and 2014.

Their first participation, in 1998, was also their best run, reaching the third place after beating the Netherlands.

Photo by Kiera16

The qualification for their fifth World Cup came in second round, a two-legged knockout against Greece. After winning 4-1 in Zagreb, Croatia tied 0-0 in the Olympiacos F.C. stadium to qualify for the final tournament.

Three Croatia players will be present in the Champions League final, Dejan Lovren with Liverpool F.C., Mateo Kovačić and Luka Modrić with Real Madrid.

Luka Modrić is the best Croatia player and a player I admire since he played for Tottenham. Today he is one of the most important players for Madrid’s midfield and the captain and most skilled player for Croatia.

In the last World Cup Croatia was shamefully robbed in the match against the host Brazil. Neymar deliberately elbowed Modrić’s face and got away with just a yellow card, and later, a penalty was awarded after a disgusting dive by Fred.

I don’t know how far Croatia can go, but I expect they at least have fair games, different than the one I just mentioned.


With this one, I just realize how the Group D will be full of movies from 2015, with Rams and the next from Nigeria also being from 2015, the only exception being Wild Tales from the year 2014.

In this case or eventually others, it was not intentional.

Now is time to talk about the Croatian movie Ti men enosiš or You Carry Me, about three females and their relationship with their father (more or less). I refer to them as “females” because there are not all women, one of them is a girl around 12 years old.

Nataša and Ives

In the previous review, I hinted that it would be boring and it’s exactly the case. I had watched half of You Carry Me when I published Rams, and I had stopped in the middle because it was boring as fuck and I could not finish it in one sitting.

The second half was a little better, but not enough to save the movie for me. However, I can’t say I’m disappointed, because I had no expectations, neither good nor bad.

Let’s get deeper into, so far, my least favorite movie from the World Cup Special.

Ti mene nosiš

Dora (Helena Beljan) is the daughter of a makeup artist Lidija (Nataša Janjić) and the thug Vedran (Goran Hajdukovic A.K.A Čupko). Vedran was out of the country for four or five years, leaving Dora and her brother with Lidija.

Dora is obsessed with becoming a Dinamo Zagreb Manager, watching and mimicking the words of Zdravko Mamić. She avoids stepping over Dinamo’s crest painted on the floor and daydreams about negotiating players while watching a Dinamo practice.

Dora watching a Zdravko Mamić video

Čupko (pronounced Shupko), the actor who plays Dora’s father, is (or was) a member of Bad Blue Boys (BBB) a Dinamo Zagreb group of Ultra. He was involved in fights, attempted murder and was in and out of jail several times (Source).

The character Vedran and the actor Čupko have this criminal past in common. Vedran was involved with criminal activities when out of the country and kept the behavior while back in Zagreb.


The mother, Lidija, is a makeup artist in a soap opera production, not the greatest mother, but does her best considering the circumstances.

Lidija crying

Lidija’s boss is Nataša (Nataša Dorčić), the producer of the soap opera, she is pregnant and is dealing with much more than that. As Nataša’s story is the last one to unfold, I will not explain it further not avoid the spoiler realm.

The soap opera director is Ives (Lana Baric), an explosive woman that had a great relationship with her father, Ivan (Voja Brajovic) until the Alzheimer began to deteriorate his former self.

Ives and her father had a very beautiful relationship shown through flashbacks and even seen in the present in moments where his mind is clearer.

Ives and Ivan (sleeping, not dead)

I rather start with the good things about the film. I liked the story of Vedran, his attempt at becoming a better man and his love for the kids.

Some of the actings are very good as well, especially Nataša Janjić as Lidija, Lana Baric as Ives and the best of all, Helena Beljan as Dora. There is no one bad in the movie, every non-mentioned actor does a good job, I just wanted to point my favorites.

The movie has 2 hours and 35 minutes, a long movie, but with a lot of stories to tell, so I would say it’s a reasonable length. Besides that, length doesn’t bother me much, I watched The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended version with 4 hours and 23 minutes very easily, without getting bored for a minute.

Nataša and her husband, Marin (Sebastian Cavazza)

That I cannot say about You Carry Me. I was bored almost from beginning to end, or at least from Ives’ story and part of others and I’m glad Dora’s part was in the middle or else I don’t know if I would continue watching.

There was more shaky camera than a Bourne movie, but it’s a Drama movie. Also present, some stupid scenes with rocks, obviously symbolic scenes with symbolic rocks, but still idiotic.

Nataša, also crying. There is a lot of crying.

I hated the attempt at having some art scenes that make absolutely no sense and could easily be left in the edition room floor without affecting the plot at all. I have nothing against artistic movies, I have against forced “art”, and the case with You Carry Me, seems forced.

After finishing the movie I got an impression that it was not as bad as the first hour suggested, it’s a boring movie with some questionable decisions but with some good redeeming points. 5 Moons.

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