Country: Argentina
Original Title: Relatos salvajes
Director: Damián Szifron
Release: 2014


World Cup Historic

La Selección Albiceleste played their first official match in 1902, against Uruguay and is one of the most traditional national teams in the history of football.

Russia is the 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup and will be the 17th with the presence of Argentina.

adidas Argentina 2018-2019 Home Messi 10 Jersey Blue/White-Large

Champions in 1978 and 1986, crowning the careers of Mario Kempes and Diego Maradona respectively. They were also second place in 1930, 1990 and 2014, the last one only because of some moments of brilliance from Lionel Messi.

Even with these brilliant moments, Messi was not the best player in the Argentine squad in 2014 but was awarded the Best Player of the tournament anyway, in one of the bizarre choices from the corrupt FIFA top executives.

Photo by Voltmetro

That being said, Messi is the best player on the squad and one of the best players in Argentina’s history. Now, the World Cup is one of the only trophies Messi don’t have, we can imagine he’ll go to Russia with full force.

Even with the recent massive loss to Spain, Group D is very accessible for a team with the caliber of Argentina so we can expect them absolute in the number one spot.

Beyond the group stage, we can see Argentina anywhere between quarterfinals and champions, but it will definitely require some adjustments from the very competent coach Jorge Sampaoli.


The movie directed by Damián Szifron consists of six little stories of common people in common situations taken to the extreme.

Wild Tales [Blu-ray]

I took a long time to watch Wild Tales. A lot of my friends were talking about it and I was always procrastinating until I spotted on some channel randomly. I think it was destiny because my TV is always on sports channels.


I got to say I am glad for this randomness because Wild Tales proved to be deserving of the hype around it.

Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film of 2015, competing against Leviathan, but both lost to Ida. Considering I liked both Wild Tales and Leviathan, now I want to watch Ida to see if I would agree with this win.

Las ratas

Relatos Salvajes

Three of the stories involves a traffic or road theme.

The third story is two drivers going too far with an argument in an empty road. The fourth about a man tired of being screwed by the traffic department. The fifth is about the attempt to cover-up a crime following a DUI.

El más fuerte

The three remaining stories don’t have a central theme binding them.

The first happens in a plane where all the passengers have something in common with each other. In the second, a young waitress has to serve someone who ruined her life. The last one about a bride founding out about her husband’s affair during their wedding party.

Bombita (with Ricardo Darín)

When a movie has various unconnected stories within itself, there is a risk of being inconsistent with the storytelling quality. That’s not exactly the case of Wild Tales, but everyone will have their favorites and least favorites stories.

As a comedy, the film accomplishes its function of making us laugh, having many smart and funny moments. The movie is an exaggeration of reality, and because of the reality aspect of it, the viewers can see themselves in this situations.

La propuesta

Upon the last watch, I got really impressed at the quality of the movie and I have to give major props to Damián Szifron and all the crew behind the camera because Wild Tales is absolutely brilliantly executed.

It’s perfect polished and clean visual, and I really loved the camera movements. The only thing I dislike is some aspects of some of the stories, especially the last two.

8 Moons.

Hasta que la muerte nos separe


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