Country: Peru
Original Title: Madeinusa
Director: Claudia Llosa
Release: 2006


World Cup Historic

A team founded in 1927 but with few apparitions in the FIFA World Cup.

Russia will be the fifth tournament played for the Peruvian team, the best result being in 1970 when they reached quarterfinals.

Umbro Peru Home Jersey 2018/2019 – L

Flamengo’s Paolo Guerrero is the star of the team. The striker is Peru’s all-time top scorer with 32 goals in 86 caps.

Guerrero almost lost the chance to be on the roster, after testing positive for some substances. After appealing, the 1-year ban was reduced to 6 months, a sentence that ended this month*.

Peru national soccer football team
Photo by Agencia de Noticias ANDES

The quantity of substance present in his blood test was so insignificant that it’s impossible to have been something intentional, and I am happy to have one more good player to watch during the tournament.

However, the Peruvian player I really want to see is Christian Cueva. A very talented midfielder not achieving his full potation at club level but in the hopes of achieving it in the World Cup.

There is a chance that Peru reaches the knockout phase, as they will likely fight with Denmark for the group’s second spot, but it’s highly unlikely that they beat or even tie the 1970 record, reaching the quarterfinals.


Madeinusa is a teenager living in an isolated village where a secret festivity takes place, making any outsider unwanted.

I was excited to watch a Peruvian film for the first time but expected something more conventional then what I watched. Non-conventional is a compliment coming from me, a movie like this is exactly the reason I wanted to do a special full of variety.

Crucifixion ceremony madeinusa
Crucifixion ceremony

Feels like an older movie because of the looks and because of the plot itself, making it a more surprising movie than what we are used to, definitely subverting my expectative in a positive way.

That being said, it doesn’t mean the movie is great. It’s nice, I liked it, but it is not great. Still, I am very excited to watch more Claudia Llosa’s films, especially La teta asustada, in my watchlist for years.


“Tempo Santo”, that translates to something like “Holy Moment”, is how the villagers call the time from when Jesus died until the moment he resurrected (Easter) and with “God Dead”, the people believe they can sin and God will not see it.

Magaly Solier as Madeinusa

During the Tempo Santo, they chose a girl to represent The Virgin, and that year, Madeinusa was the chosen one. So she wears a costume and is the center of the ceremony, a procession re-enacting the crucifixion and entombment of Jesus.


Salvador is a young man from Lima, the capital of Peru, who arrives in the village right during the preparations for the festival, making the villagers not so happy about it.

The movie is somewhat hypnotic and especially during the procession, have amazing scenes with beautiful visuals that merges perfectly with the sounds and the music and is definitely my favorite aspect of the movie.


The girl with a curious name is portrayed by Magaly Solier, who was 20 at the time the movie was released, but her innocent and young appearance and voice make her 14-year-old character believable.

More important than the appearance of the character is the performance of the actress, and Magaly gives a great one, making the character even better.

Juan Ubaldo Huamán as Cayo, The Mayor

Juan Ubaldo Huamán as Cayo, the mayor of the city and Madeinusa’s father also gives a good performance as an abandoned husband with two daughters. I got a little conflicted with this character because he seems to be a disgusting person, but other times a good man in suffering.

The actions that make him look like a disgusting individual appears to be something accepted in their community, but I won’t describe avoiding spoilers.

Like I said earlier, Madeinusa has a feeling like it’s an older movie, and it’s not necessarily a good thing, at least in the sense that it has a quality inferior to the movies of the same period, looking like a 70’s horror.


I imagine how the movie would look if it had a very good definition because we see amazing, beautiful scenes, but very dated.

The other problem I found is the monotony, especially in the beginning. A big portion of the movie feels like nothing is happening and it was a little hard to keep the focus to finish the movie paying attention.

In general, Madeinusa is not a disappointment and it’s a movie I most definitely recommend the watch for everyone open to different movies. I’ll give it 7 Moons.


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