Country: Australia
Original Title: The Babadook
Director:  Jennifer Kent
Release: 2014


World Cup Historic

The Australian National Football, or like they call it, soccer, was founded in 1922 and their federation is associated with the Asian Confederation since 2006 when they left the Oceania Confederation to have a better development of the sport.

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While still in the OFC, the Australians beat the world record of the largest win at international level, winning 31-0 against American Samoa.

The Socceroos have participated in four World Cups (1974, 2006, 2010 and 2014) and are about to play their fifth. The best run being in 2006, reaching the round of 16.

In Sydney, hosts Australia put four past Oman and their superstar captain/keeper Ali Al Habsi.
Photo by Nasya Bahfen

The star of the squad is Tim Cahill. The Millwall striker serves the Australian team for 10 years, scoring 50 goals in 105 appearances.

With France as the favorite and Peru competing with Denmark for the second place, it is difficult to imagine the Socceroos reaching the round of 16 this year.


Jennifer Kent is the director of The Babadook, a very interesting horror movie praised even by William Friedkin, the director of horror Master Piece The Exorcist.

The widow Amelia (Essie Davis) is having a hard time raising her extremely annoying son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), who thinks there is a monster called Babadook hunting the house.


When I was deciding which Australian movie to review, The Babadook was an easy choice for me. I liked the first viewing and I found it intriguing. I read about it, watched videos about it and ended up liking it even more.

It was a fun experience to watch it and a good experience to write about it.

Babadook, Coming for Sure

After losing her husband, Amelia has troubles dealing with the grief and with the behavior of Samuel and his inability to properly socialize in school, parties and family reunions.

The Babadook

The child is absurdly annoying and that was the first noticeable thing about the film to me. The little actor, Noah Wiseman, was only 6 years old when filming and he was absolutely great, very convincing as this annoying child.


Essie Davis was amazing as well, phenomenal from beginning to end. Her performance fits well with all the movie’s instances.

I really hoped she got at least an Oscar nomination, but it didn’t happen, and even though I liked Rosamund Pike and Felicity Jones in their respective roles awarded with a 2015 nomination, I think I prefer Essie Davis over both.


With great characters arc, great locations and sounds, The Babadok present an eerie atmosphere that helps enhance the horror experience portrayed in the life of this single mother and her young son.

The movie deals competently with the human aspects and with the supernatural/horror aspects, and it’s important to point that the movie has many symbolic aspects to it and I would recommend more than one view to catch more details.

Now let’s talk about the Babadook, the entity.


In the real world, he became an LGBTQ Icon after Netflix mistakenly listed it under the LGBT Movie subgenre. In the movie, he is the character in a pop-up book way too scary for a 6-year-old child.

The pop-up book is very nice, it would be great to have a copy of it. As for the creature itself, it is very simple, yet effective and what I like the most about it is his sounds, very disturbing.

Even after some “studying” of the film, I’m still not satisfied with myself and I’m planning to watch more times to see what I made of it. It’s a short and easy to watch movie reaching 9 Moons.


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