Country: France
Original Title: Les diaboliques
Director:  Henri-Georges Clouzot
Release: 1955


World Cup Historic

Opening the Group C we have France.

France is one of the most traditional countries in the World Cup history and this year is one of the favorites to win the title.

France National Team 10 MBAPPE Home Mens Soccer Jersey Color Blue Size M

Founded in 1904, was one of the four European teams to play in the 1930 World Cup, the others being Belgium, Yugoslavia and Romania.

The 1998 champions played in 14 World Cups, going to the 15th. Hosts in 1938 getting to the quarter-finals and 1998 winning the Title. They also reach finals in 2006, losing in the penalties shoot-out to Italy, after the famous Zidane’s headbutt and subsequent red card.

france national team 2018
Photo by Кирилл Венедиктов

Following the tradition of taking great talent to the FIFA tournament, this year will not be different, with one of the stronger squads, even better than the already talked about Spain.

Les Bleus have great talent in all positions and even in the bench, except Rami. Rami is bad, I was shocked to see him in the starting team during the UEFA Euro 2016.

With the present team, I can see France getting Semi-Final or even Finals if they play what their talents suggest they can play.


Sometimes, you’re writing a review of a French movie to your World Cup Special, but then you see that the movie was an Algerian submission to the Oscars, actually winning in 1970.

Diabolique (The Criterion Collection)

I know I did that with Under the Shadow, but twice in a row is too much, so I had to choose another movie to review in the French spot, and a chose one that is equally as good as the originally intended.

Christina Delassalle (Véra Clouzot)

Les diaboliques was directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, and tell the story of two women plotting to kill a wicked man. One of them is his wife, the other, his lover.

When I was choosing all the movies to the World Cup Special I was trying not to include way too many horror movies, but it this unexpected change, I think just one more won’t hurt.

Les diaboliques

A black and white horror movie from the 50’s. This description itself would make interested from the start, but the movie is great beyond this atmosphere.

Michel Delassalle (Paul Meurisse) is the headmaster of a school where no one likes him because of the way he treats people, he also beats his wife and cheats on her.

Michel Delassalle (Paul Meurisse) and Nicole Horner (Simone Signoret)

Christina Delassalle (Véra Clouzot) is the owner and teacher in the school, she is also the abused wife of Michel. Her husband’s mistress, Nicole Horner (Simone Signoret), warns her that he only married her for the money and he hopes she dies so he can inherit it.

From then on, it’s all crime, paranoia and even hints at the supernatural, bringing together a great piece of dark art, and I love dark stuff, with touches of melancholy, crime and supernatural.


These many aspects do not always go well together, it’s necessary the competence of the people doing the work to bind it all in a coherent finished product, like the case of Les Diaboliques.

Les Diaboliques is not as slow paced as what some people call “psychological thriller”, but also, it’s not as fast-paced as those horrors with over the top endings.

Maybe it’s not for the people who enjoy more the type of horror made today, because it’s very different from those. Without judging which one is better, but maybe it’s just for different audiences.

Like I made pretty obvious, I liked a lot and will give it 9 Moons.

Simone Signoret looking like Stefania Ferrario

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