Country: Spain
Original Title: El Método
Director: Marcelo Piñeyro
Release: 2005

El Metodo 03

World Cup Historic

The Spanish national team was founded in 1904 and has an extensive history in the FIFA World Cup.

The 2018 edition of the competition will be the 15th time “La Furia Roja” participate. Hosts in 1982 and champions in 2010, the World Cup remembered for the Vuvuzelas.

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Sadly, for them, the 2014 edition was very bad, losing their opening game 5-1 against the Netherlands, and losing the following match 2-0 against Chile. The 3-0 win over Australia was not enough and the Spaniards were eliminated.

For the European Qualifiers, they left their 2014 World Cup elimination behind, qualifying as first in their group with nine wins, one draw and scoring 36 goals while conceding only three.

Spain - Chile - 10-09-2013 - Geneva - Andres Iniesta
Photo by Clément Bucco-Lechat

Spain has an amazing squad mixing experienced players, like Iniesta, and young talent, like Asensio, making it one of the teams entering the competition aiming at the trophy.


The review will not contain spoilers.

The Argentinian director Marcelo Piñeyro is the responsible for The Method. I am considering a Spanish movie because it is set in Madrid, the cast is of Spanish majority and, as far as I know, it is mostly a Spanish production.

The Method (El Metodo)

El Método is the movie adaptation of a play called “El Mètode Grönholm”, wrote by the Catalan playwright Jordi Galceran. I didn’t read the play, so I don’t know if play and film differ in any way, and for this reason, I will stick to the film only.

El Metodo 01

After the anti-capitalist protest in mainly in Prague in 2000, Madrid was preparing for something similar. Meanwhile, some big corporation is holding a recruitment process with seven candidates to find their new executive.

The first time I watched The Method I was in college and had to make an essay about it. Unfortunately, I didn’t found the essay to compare then and now, but I definitely changed my mind from what a remember.

I can say I like the movie now as much as I liked before, but the difference is in the way I see things and the way I interpreted the movie.

El Metodo 02

El Método

The Method Grönholm is supposed to be a recruitment tool, a series of group dynamics and exercises to help the corporation select the best candidate. What the candidates don’t know initially is the unconventionality of this particular method.

While these executives go on about their corporative lives, the protesters are filling the streets. The extremely noises from the protesters don’t reach the isolated room where the executives battle for their job and even while looking out of the window, the candidates can’t see the streets.

El Metodo 04

These facts demonstrate how the corporative environment don’t care about society problems unless these problems cause direct repercussions for them. The morals are different in the corporations, the rules within the organization are different.

The corporative persona of the candidates makes a completely normal family person do despicable things and anyone who puts morality over the corporation become a target for the others.

I remember I sympathized with characters the first time I watched The Method, but now I could only feel disgusted by most of them.

El Metodo 05

Just because the movie has disgusting characters, it does not mean the movie itself is bad, it is actually quite good.

Set almost entirely in the meeting room where the recruitment is taking place and that is all it needs. We can see all the characters, see where they’re at and its ideal for their interactions.

Despite liking the movie overall, I didn’t have any emotional response to it. All the contrast with the corporative environment are faceless protesters, so I had no one to care for, lessening most of the important emotional moments of the film. 8 Moons.


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