Country: Portugal
Original Title: Recordações da Casa Amarela
Director: João César Monteiro
Release: 1989

Casa Amarela 01

World Cup Historic

Kicking off Group B we have Portugal. FIFA affiliated since 1921 and participated in six of its most important competition.

Their best run was in their debut, reaching the third place in 1966 and qualifying again only 20 years later. Only recently, Portugal is being a usual participant in the FIFA World Cup, qualifying in every one since 2002, reaching semi-finals in 2006.

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Russia will be Portugal’s seventh World Cup, this time playing as European Champions and with Cristiano Ronaldo as a leader and best player.

Ronaldo is the most capped player in Portugal’s history with 149 games played and the top scorer with 81 goals scored but did not play well in 2014 due to injuries and fatigue after a winning that season’s UEFA Champions League.

If we have a healthy Ronaldo, we can expect a solid run from the Portuguese team this year.

Recordações da Casa Amarela

João César Monteiro is the director, screenwriter and the main character, João de Deus, in Recollections of the Yellow House, a very interesting and actually funny Portuguese comedy.

Recordações da Casa Amarela (Recollections of the Yellow House)

“Recollections of the Yellow House” follows the daily life of a lodger in the yellow boarding house that gives the movie its name. João de Deus is a perverted and a scoundrel, lusting for the young women in the house.

Despite these obvious flaws from João de Deus, he is somewhat of a charming figure, or like he says at some point “very British”, and this particular characteristic reflects the atmosphere of the movie, with something very poetic.

João de Deus (standing) and the other lodgers
João de Deus (standing) and the other lodgers.

It is the fourth “Comedy” in a row I’m reviewing and it is actually the first that is actually funny. The others had funny moments or a happy feel, but were not as funny as “Recollections”.

Even being a funny comedy, it is not JUST that. There are moments of melancholy, discomfort and pure insanity.

João de Deus is the focal point of the movie, making evident the good job from João César Monteiro. João de Deus, sometimes, seems like two completely different characters, each one making sense with the moment of the plot.

It is not a spoiler because it does not have an impact on the plot itself (at least not in my perspective), but in the end, João de Deus even looks like Nosferatu.

Mimi and João de Deus yellow house casa amarela
Mimi and João de Deus

In addition to João de Deus, I really liked the character of Mimi (Sabina Sacchi), she is a very interesting character and her interactions with João de Deus are a bright spot in the film.

Sabina Sacchi, as far as I know, is Italian, and maybe her Portuguese was not perfect so it was revoiced. On IMDb Inês de Medeiros is credited as “Mimi’s voice”. However, it did not bother me and I am just acknowledging it.

The best thing in the movie, in my opinion, is Mimi. She is a young woman from a village, trying to make a living in Portugal’s largest city, maintaining a little of her ingenuity and innocence in contrast with her apparent promiscuity.

More Mimi and João de Deus dinning
More Mimi and João de Deus

Sometimes the movies appear not to have a clear path, making me wonder where it was going. As I said before about other movies, it could be something deliberate, but even if that is the case, I don’t have to like it.

Despise this point that leaves me confused sometimes, in general, I really liked it, laughed a lot and enjoyed. Maybe I have a fucked up humor, like the moviemaker. 8 Moons.


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