Country: Uruguay
Original Title: Whisky
Director: Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll
Release: 2004

Whisky 06

World Cup Historic

Uruguay is one of the eight World Cup champions, being the first host and first champion in 1930.

PUMA Uruguay 2019-20 Home Jersey (M)

After the title, Uruguay only participated again 20 years later, after refusing to participate in 1934 and 38, boycotting the tournament on European soil, as some Europeans did in 1930.

The 1942 and 1946 World Cups did not happen because of the fucking Nazi, with the tournament only happening again in Brazil, 1950 with the participation of Uruguay.

Luis Suarez celebrates his Gol to put Uruguay 1 - Netherlands 0 - Take 2 | 110608-6714-jikatu
Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius

Uruguay had to face favorite Brazil, in front of a crowd of 200.000. They won 2-1 and were champions for the second time. That match became known as “Maracanazo” (Maracanaço, in Portuguese).

After these two titles, the Celeste played 11 World Cups (Russia being the 12th) and reaching the fourth place in three opportunities.

This time, Uruguay is easily the favorite from Group A to reach the round of 16, with Luis Suárez, Edinson Cavani in the front and the captain Diego Godín in the back.


Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll met in University and later began a partnership in movie making. They made three projects together: one short movie and two feature-length films.

Whisky (English Subtitled)

The partnership ended tragically in July 2006, when Juan Pablo Rebella committed suicide in Montevideo. He was only 32 years old.

Marta waiting in front of the factory whisky uruguayan movie
Marta waiting in front of the factory.

The reviews will be about their last movie together, Whisky from 2004. The name is in reference to the word used by photographers to induce a “smile”, like “say cheese” in English.

I can say I liked the movie, but I would not say that it is a comedy like it is said to be. Like Wadjda, classified as a comedy, but it is not the kind of comedy we are usually used to.

Digan Whisky!

Jacobo (Andrés Pazos) and Herman Köller (Jorge Bolani) are two brothers with a distant relationship. They reunite for their mother’s Matzevah, while Marta Acuña (Mirella Pascual), a supervisor in Jacobo’s sock factory agrees to pretend to be his wife while his brother is around.

The movie is a little boring, especially in the begging, but that is exactly the point the filmmakers are presenting. Jacobo’s and Marta’s boring routine lives are in absolute inertia both inside and outside the factory and Herman comes as a driving force for the two.

Jacobo and Marta taking a photo
Jacobo and Marta taking a photo

This movie is the absolute example of “show, don’t tell”. There are very fell words, but an absurd amount of emotion from every one of the main cast. We can also see some little details that tell the story without exposition.

The acting is great but very concise and delicate, feels real. This is especially great when we are used to thinking that over-acting is good acting, like Daniel Day-Lewis winning the Oscars for “My Left Foot”.

Labeled as a comedy, Whisky does not have many funny moments, quite the opposite, is a very melancholic film. That is not a flaw exactly, today we see this type of thing all the time, a movie advertise as something when is actually very different.

Whisky 07
Herman Köller

Whisky seems like a film from the second half of the 90’s, not from 2004 and that bothered me a little. I do not know if it was intentional or if it was because of the budget.

In the end, the movie caused me great emotional uproar with its great performances and plot, but was a little boring sometimes and seems dated. 7 Moons.

That’s was the last one for Group A, soon enough I’ll be doing the Group B and so forth. See you next time.


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