Original Title: Annihilation
Director: Alex Garland
Release Date: 2018

Annihilation [Blu-ray]


Currently available on Netflix, Annihilation follows a group of women investigating the area affected by the impact of an outer space object.

annihilation explanation interpretation
Lena portrayed by Natalie Portman

The movie is absurdly gorgeous, especially the last act. I really loved the looks of this movie, and it is definitely the best thing about the movie in my opinion. The cast is also amazing, with Natalie Portman as the protagonist, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tessa Thompson.

The character of Anya Thorensen, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez, is shit. She was a paramedic and was the most stupid member of the crew, completely useless for them, but was something useful for the plot.

I think this movie will divide opinions and even though I really liked and felt mentally stimulated and instigated by Annihilation, I can see why some people will have issues with it and maybe even hate it.

netflix annihilation anihilation

In my opinion, it’s important that we learn to hate things with logic. I know it’s very strange and may seem contradictory, but what I mean is, when we have a conversation or when we expose our line of thought, we should have a coherent discourse, not a stupid and arrogant rant.

I needed to say this last thing because when I read most of the cancerous user reviews on IMDb I feel disgusted. At first, I thought I was not dealing with things I disagree like I’m supposed to, but after reading other sources I realized the problem was the User Reviews on IMDb.

So, as I liked Annihilation, I will give it an 8.


Rotten Tomatoes
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